What to do with 10 Dollars

What can you do with $10? There are many things to do with 10 dollars in Korea.There are no sales taxes on top of sticker prices, food is both healthy and inexpensive,and the public transit system is reasonably priced, reliable, and safe. No matter where you are from, $10 goes farther in Korea than it would in your home country. Tell us what you did with $10 while you were in Korea and we will add it to the list below. Here are some examples that will give you an idea:

Go to the bar/pub/club:

Bottle of soju (21% alcohol) $3.00
Pine Beer $1.50 – $3.00
Food $5.00

Total $10.00

Movie night with some friends at home:

Six beer $6.00
New release DVD rental $1.00
Snacks $3.00

Total $10.00

Exercise and exploration:

Toast and an omelet from a street vendor who cooks it up right in front of you $1.00
Bus / subway fare to go roller-blading along the Han River for the day ($0.90 each) way $1.80
Korean vegetable or sushi roll for lunch $1.00
Walk along the little lighted river that goes through the city on your way home Free
A nice sit-down meal $4.00

Total $7.80

A day at the palace:

Breakfast $1.00
Transit fare ($0.90 each way) $1.80
Entrance fee to the 1000 year-old palace for the day where you walk around and take $2.00

Total $4.80