Private ESL Institutions in Korea

Currently there are more than 90,000 private educational institutions in Korea. The number of private educational institutions has grown by more than 35% since 2001, representing both a staggering growth rate and ratio of private educational institutions per person there is one private educational institution per 550 people in Korea. These institutions provide courses in English, essay-writing, math, computer science, and other subjects. Korean people are eager to learn English and the need for native English speaking teachers is rapidly growing. Teaching at private educational institutions is appealing for a variety of reasons:

  1. Higher salary
  2. Class sizes are smaller, with usually between 4 to 15 people per class leading to a more familiar environment in which you can really get to know your students.
  3. More English teachers from Western countries for you to meet and interact with. Reliable and reputable big franchise ESL Language Schools are located in Seoul , Busan, Gwangju, Daegu, Cheongju, Gyeonggi and other big cities.
  4. With respects to location and scheduling
  5. Faster application process.
  6. Ability to choose characteristics such as schedules and students’ age group.

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