Korean History

Thousands of years before the time of Genghis Khan, the ancient Mongol people traveled South and colonized both Korea and Japan. Since then Korea has seen more than 4,300 years of history and has seen the rise and fall of the Mongol and Japanese empires over the course of time.

The nation of Korea began as aeries of small, segregated regions and was eventually unified under the leadership of Dan Goon in the year 2333 BC. Korea was split up into three kingdoms between 100 BC and 600 AD and had a period of re-unification and rise in international strafe in the years up until 1392, when the Korean kingdom of Chosun was founded by Seong Gye Lee and all of Korea was under the leadership of one benevolent monarch. This period lasted up until 1910, when Japan invaded and annexed Korea, prohibiting the use of the Korean language and cultural habits.

Since World War II, following the Japanese surrender, Korea has been an independent nation holding democratic elections with each President presiding for a single 5 year term. Power is divided among the executive, legislative (National Assembly) and judiciary branches of government. Nowadays, Korea is known for a strong democratic tradition based on capitalism and the value of hard work. By working hard, Korea has rapidly industrialized and developed into an advanced country, with extremely high education and employment rates. Seoul, the capital city of Korea, is ranked as the 11th most advanced city in the world.

Samsung and LG are two well-known larger Korean companies which are famous for producing high-tech cell phones, computers, monitors and all kinds of electronic hardware exported all over the world. Korea produces automobiles and heavy equipment from companies such as Hyundai and Kia, and the Korean medical system is also famous for its quality and expertise. Korean surgeons are world- renowned for their manual dexterity, which comes from a lifetime of using chopsticks.

For a more detailed timeline of Korean history as well as an animated early Korean history, please see the following site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Korean_history