Compensation, Tax and Benefits

Korea is a dynamic, advanced country in a class of its own. As an English teacher Korea is a choice destination as demand for English instruction is well-developed and there is an emphasis on English education placed on the youth in Korean society. Students are genuinely motivated to learn English, and ultimately one`s English level can be the difference between a good life and an ordinary existence. There are many good reasons to teach English in Korea, and here are ten of the top:

For more information on how your salary in Korea would compare with a salary you would earn in your home country, please see the table below:

In Korea your money also goes farther than it does in your home country, and generally speaking you would expect to pay about half to two thirds as much as you would in your home country for a comparable product. A salary of $1,800 per month leads to a total annual compensation of over $32,000 dollars including employer-paid expenses. Assuming a 20% income tax rate, this is the equivalent of making $40,000 per year before tax in your home country. If you live frugally you could leave Korea with $15,000 in the bank, and even if you live “high on the hog”. eating 3 fancy meals at restaurants every day and going out every night, you could still come home with $5,000 in your pocket. If you are able to make $3,000 per month while living in Korea, you could easily save $25,000 over the course of a year. <br>
If you are from any country other than Canada, you will also be exempt from paying income taxes.