Andrew Hines: Teaching and Living near Busan Haeundae. Highly Recommend Education Adventure!

For anyone looking to teach English in Korea I would highly recommend going through Education Adventure! Sally, who runs the program, will guide you every step of the way and make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the process of securing a teaching position. She takes the time to get to know you and really focuses on what positions would be a good fit based on your personality, teaching experience (which was none, in my case), and other preferences you might have. Any time you have a question or concern you can email, call, or Skype Sally and she will respond very quickly. She even takes the time to visit some of her teachers in Korea!

Working with Sally and Education Adventure was a great experience and I couldn’t be happier that I chose to use them as my recruiter. If you are unsure about who to use, use Education Adventure! I promise you will be happy with how you are treated. Sally makes you feel very comfortable, in what could otherwise be a very intimidating process.

Andrew Hines – Avalon English Busan Haeundae campus 

David Mason; Teaching and living in Busan

I am very happy with the work Education Adventure did to secure me a school in Busan. Sally really went the extra mile with everything. She held my hand during the entire recruitment process, telling me exactly what I needed and what I had to do. I also have to give her a big thumbs up for helping me get to my school. I was supposed to find my own way from the Seoul Airport to the Gimhae airport I order to get my flight to Busan and Sally actually arranged a for someone to meet me at the airport, buy my bus ticket and walk me right to the ticket counter. I was dreading trying to figure out how to get to the next airport to make my flight in time but Sally took care of that for me. The school she set me up with is great. The only thing I feel I need to mention is, make sure you’re not the only foreigner at the school you’re going to teach at. It can be really hard to make friends if you don’t have anyone to show you around. Otherwise you’re stuck venturing out into the city to visit foreigner bars and hoping to meet people who will take you under their wing.
David Mason, Busan Little Campus Centum   11/19/2015

Suvin Lee, ESL teacher with Avalon Jookjeon Campus in Yongin city

August 26, 2015

I hope you are having a wonderful week. I just wanted to tell you how I have been doing and also a thank you letter! It has been awesome for the past 2 weeks of training. The first week was super fun meeting the new workers of different campuses, along with Amos and Linda for training. It was VERY welcoming and lots of GREAT important information. The campus at Jeongja was very nice and also my campus at Jukjeon. The people were so caring and nice that I was not scared or nervous to ask questions. The second week was also fun. Everyone helped me with so much information. I am loving it here and it’s so exciting. I am so full of energy. I REALLY want to thank you for always helping me. I think I was well-prepared because of your help! Thank you SO much Sally! Please keep in touch and I hope you can visit Korea soon too! 😀 Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.

Suvin Lee

Darron Seller-Peritz, English Teacher with Bridge Light ELS in Chuncheon

Working with Education Adventure has been nothing but a pleasure. I enjoyed everything about the agency. The staff was kind, helpful and accommodating. They went out of their way to make sure that I was doing everything properly and put all the chances on my side to get the position that I wanted and that was suited for me. They made me feel as if I was more than just a paycheck, which is a rarity in this business. After all, it is a big and scary change for most of us, so it is nice to feel like someone cares about finding you a place that you will enjoy. Also, they have a high level of professionalism and a lot of experience. I always felt like they could draw from their past experience to give me the best advice. This gave me a lot of confidence in my choices. Finally, the school I was finally placed in is amazing! I really enjoy the work environment, my coworkers and the city where I live. Overall, I would highly recommend working with Education Adventure for teaching English in Korea!

Kevin Mawhinney- English Teacher with Avalon English in Ilsan

Working with Education Adventure made beginning my new career and transitioning to my new life in Korea seamless. Education Adventure is well connected and I was able to secure a placement at the Hagwon I had been hoping for. I had my interview with the school very soon after contacting Education Adventure. Sally was very attentive throughout the job search as well as ensuring that I had everything I needed before I left including having my flight booked, a pickup at the airport once I arrived and my living accomodations were ready. Once I arrived Sally made sure that everything was going well and continued to help me.

I have been in Korea for 3 months and having the time of my life. Working at Avalon/Langcon is my first teaching experience and have loved it so far! Through teaching you meet and get to know so many great people. The foreign teachers get along very well at my campus and working with the kids is always fulfilling.

I live within a 15 minute walk of my campus which is very convenient. Everything I need is within walking distance of where I live and there are always lots to do in Ilsan, including Lake Park and La Festa. Ilsan is a suburb of Seoul and is quieter than living in the the heart of the city but the subway system here is so large and efficient that I can get from Ilsan to anywhere in Seoul using the train.

I would definitely recommend using Education Adventure to secure employment teaching English in Korea, it is the experience of a lifetime and you get to meet lots of amazing people from all over the world!

David Campbell, Lykeion in Yongin

I really like Lykeion. It really is a great company. Suwon and Yongin are great too. I am really happy here. Thank you so much for all your help. This month has been wonderful and I look forward to the rest of the year. And I will refer anyone who asks to Education Adventure. You guys do great work. I am truly grateful for the opportunity you have given me.

Feb 2015-Present, ESL Instructor, Lykeion Gwanggyo

Mary Kelleher, Gwangju

Headshot Guest English Teacher with two public schools in Gwangju (EPIK)

I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language in South Korea for almost four years.  It has been an amazing experience to learn about a new culture and at the same time it makes you more aware of your own, which is very important.

Initially, adapting to life in a foreign country poses its challenges but I think there are rewards to be gained from this.  Moving away from all that is familiar to you makes you realize your strengths and weaknesses.

Teaching in Korea affords one the possibility to travel around Asia and within Korea itself.  There are many like-minded foreigners with similar aims so there is the opportunity to connect with others from all over the world.

Your students have the power to inspire and motivate you. It is indeed a unique working experience.  Education Adventure helped me secure my first English teaching job with a private school four years ago and also my current job with a public school.  Education Adventure helped me every step of the way to get employment and answered all of my many questions!

Jenna Smith, SEOUL

Jenna ESL teacher with LCI Jamsil Campus

LCI as a company is fantastic and I have really enjoyed working here for the past 7 months. My friend that I moved out here with works for the same company at a different location across Seoul and she loves it also! The Korean staff is friendly and welcoming. They are always willing to help and make the adjustment in a new work environment extremely easy and fun. The children are wonderful, class sizes are small and very personal, allowing you to witness daily growth and development in each child’s English speaking and reading abilities. The location could not be more perfect. Jamsil is a beautiful area of Seoul that is central to many popular locations such as Olympic Park Stadium. Many concerts and festivals happen in this area and it being only a 10-15 minute walk from the subway it is very easy to access any surrounding areas of Seoul as well. The housing is small, but clean and really provides everything you need for one person living there. I have come to love my little apartment, and as it comes fully furnished there was no stress moving in! Living only a 10 minute walk from work and with a few other co-workers makes it a really enjoyable living space.

Working with Education Adventure was such a wonderful experience that I feel lucky to have stumbled upon through teaching abroad search engines. I had heard that the process of applying and preparation to depart with all the necessary documents was frustrating and extremely confusing – however this was definitely not the case working with this company. Their recruitment agents are extremely helpful and dedicated to making sure their recruits are fully aware of what they should be doing and preparing ahead of time. The communication was excellent! Our recruiter never took longer than 24 hours to respond to our questions through email or phone. I felt as though she made me a priority, and when searching and waiting around for a working position, there was nothing more reassuring than her persistence and optimism in finding me a position that I would want and enjoy. I would recommend this company and specifically Ellie Yun to anyone looking for a teaching position in Korea or anywhere else in the world.

My experience so far has been nothing short of amazing, and I would recommend LCI schools, Education Adventure and Ellie Yun to anyone interested in teaching in Seoul, South Korea.

Bonnie R. McFerren, SEOUL

Bonnie ESL teacher with LCI Mokdong Campus

Working with Sally from Education Adventure was a great start to an excellent experience here in Korea. Sally helped make my job hunting and transition to Korea very easy. The agency was very thorough in making sure that all of my paperwork was correct and that I was getting what I wanted.

LCI Mok-dong Campus has been a good school to work for in Korea. I have very nice housing, close to a subway stop, and the walk to and from school is short and pleasant. There is a bus, but I find that walking in the streets and seeing the Korean people is more interesting. LCI is very caring about the foreign teachers’ needs. They work hard at making sure that we are well-adjusted and are supportive of us in our teaching. If there has ever been anything that I needed, they made sure that I got it in a timely manner.

I am really enjoying my time in Korea, and am thankful for the help that was given to me by Education Adventure.


Kirsten Barmig, ESL teacher, SEOUL

Kirsten-Barmig This being my 5th year in Korea, I wish I would have found Education Adventure sooner.

They found a school specific to my personal requirements and past experience.

From my experience, most agencies forget about you once you are abroad and working.

This was not the case with Education Adventure.

Sally took the time to make sure not only my working environment was what I expected, but also my living arrangements. She was always available to answer my questions before, during and after my work placement.

I couldn’t have asked for a more suitable teaching position and a better recruiter.